The absolute

The Absolute

The Absolute

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We’ve combined the science of the earth and the sea to create a powerful rejuvenating anti-aging cream

Restructures every skin type from within
Creates a protective barrier against pollution

Reduces laughter lines by 19%

Improves skin nutrition by 14%

Reduces dark spots by 10%

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The Absolute

It’s price, the high-quality of its ingredients, and its formula outshine the approach of a premium cream.

To create The Absolute, we used the science of epigenetics as a basis, a science that recovers and protects chromosomes to reverse the aging process. This natural, algae-based technology regenerates and restricts the shortening of chromosomes to extend the life span of cells. By activating the GENE nc886, we reduce the amount of PKR, which is the cause of aging.

Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, plus 12 biologically active components, effectively combat aging , neutralise free radicals and plump out wrinkles.

An explosion of nutrients , vitamins and proteins stimulate the fibres responsible for producing collagen, regenerating cells and achieving more flexible, smoother skin.

Brightens and tones
Delays the signs of aging
Lifting effect
Protects skin from external agents and pollutants
Strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier, locking in moisture
PLANT-BASED B TOX : smooths out wrinkles, produces elasticity and firmness
Stimulates collagen and regeneration
Slows down oxidative processes
Restores flexibility and elasticity

94% Natural ingredients. 20% organic ingredients

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