12V Bumper Car for Kids, Zupapa

12V Bumper Car for Kids, Zupapa

12V Bumper Car for Kids, Zupapa


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9.7-Inch Heighten Seat Back

Designed for our youngest passengers, this thoughtful enhancement ensures optimal spinal support and postural comfort. Give your child a secure and comfortable ride with Zupapa’s advanced bumper car feature. Safety meets comfort, upgrade today!

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12V Bumper Car for Kids, Zupapa

Enhanced Five-Point Seat Belt

Unrivaled Protection for Kids 1.5-6 Years. Sturdy, adjustable, and comfortable, this advanced harness keeps your little ones securely fastened during their thrilling bumper car rides. Upgrade to Zupapa for worry-free fun and ultimate peace of mind!

Experience extended playtime with Zupapa Bumper Cars! Equipped with a 12V 7Ah high-capacity battery, enjoy up to 3 hours of continuous fun. No more frequent recharging, just carefree entertainment for your kids.

Kids drive forward, backward, and tackle obstacles with the joystick, while parents oversee with the remote control. Enjoy 360-degree turns and an emergency stop button for added safety. Experience the perfect blend of independence and supervision with Zupapa’s bumper car feature.

With speeds of 1.11mph, 1.55mph, and 2.2mph, our bumper car accommodates kids of all ages. Parents have full control via the remote to ensure a safe and exciting ride.


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