FITNESS KINERGY Prevent tendonitis Springy low arch

FITNESS KINERGY Prevent tendonitis Springy low arch

FITNESS KINERGY Prevent tendonitis Springy low arch


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Welcome to the revolutionary world of EASYFEET KINERGY, insoles inspired by profound insights into the Kinetic Energy System. Our expertly crafted insoles work to support the feet, legs, hips, and back, promoting a seamless flow of energy and ensuring you recharge with every single move achieving more with less effort.

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To help you maintain your endurance and perform at your best, EASYFEET Fitness Insoles are engineered with energy-returning properties, which means that they absorb the energy generated from your movements and then release it back to your feet. Thanks to its springy structure, it allows the return of more than 43 percent of energy back to the foot.


Intense workouts can put a lot of strain on your feet, leading to fatigue and discomfort. EASYFEET Fitness Insoles are designed to alleviate foot fatigue by providing excellent support and cushioning with the help of a metatarsal ball. The insoles absorb shock and impact, reducing the stress on your feet during prolonged exercise sessions. Another key feature of these insoles is the upper heel cup that provides extra stability to exercise more effectively.


EASYFEET Fitness Insoles feature a low springy carbon arch design, providing optimal support while running and during workouts for various foot types. The arch support offered by these insoles helps to maintain proper foot alignment and to improve your stability. The low, springy arch contour provides stability and flexibility, ensuring that your feet remain supported without feeling overly rigid.
EASYFEET fitness insoles are equipped with anti-slip fabric that keeps your feet securely in place during vigorous workouts. The material is breathable to give you extra comfort during sports activities.

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